Isle of Bingo is an online gambling establishment.

Isle of Bingo is an online gambling establishment.

A clever play on words is always appreciated by everyone. If they are aware of how uninteresting the bulk of phrases truly are, then at the very least they should enjoy a clever play on words. Then, there is Isle of Bingo, a website for online bingo that, at first appearance, does not seem to be the most smart of the bunch. In point of fact, considering that the site itself is pretty devoid of content, there does not seem to be anything that stands out among the rest of the stack. Those who frequently read our evaluations are likely already aware that this is not a good sign for the developers in terms of garnering favor with those working in this office; nevertheless, this is something that we will get to in a little while.

When the webpage initially opens up, you are met with a stunning, dare I say Instagram-quality picture of a desert island. The island is encircled by blue seas, thickly populated with palm palms, and completely cut off from anything else; the horizon is empty. It would seem that we are totally alone out here in this remote area in every respect that matters. Some people would be concerned by the seeming absence of clear supplies of food and fresh water, which could set off warning bells in their thoughts. However, depending on what you think paradise to be, this might imply that you have found it.

The total offering of this bingo website does, however, provide a different facet of the game. Simply said, if you speak Isle of Bingo fast, it has a similar cadence to the phrase “I Love Bingo.” And it’s almost certain that this was the intention of the creators when they named the domain in the first place. Bingo, on the other hand, has virtually little in common with games played on distant islands in the middle of tropical oceans, and the vast majority of individuals who play bingo really like the game. Nevertheless, when it comes to amazing imagery that does not make a website seem cheap and tatty, the desert island unquestionably triumphs over pretty about anything else that we could think of that may conjure the words “I adore bingo.”

So, This Is a Good Thing, Right?

Well, not quite sadly. The graphic clearly demonstrates that there are insufficient amounts of both sources of potable water and edible food. This is something that we have previously hinted at. All of these are things that are necessary for our continued existence as humans and things that are necessary for our success in life. The issue is, if you transfer this to the realm of bingo, then the food and water supplies are wins, and as a result, we can read into this picture that the winnings on Isle of Bingo are a little bit, umm, sparse. If you want to play bingo, then the food and water sources are winners.

The information is not exactly forthcoming, and this is the point at which everything starts to get a little bit annoying, according to all reports. There is, of course, the major claim that customers who spend a maximum of £5 will be eligible for an additional £20 to spend (that’s £20 for those of you who aren’t too good with math) – an offer that is only valid for spends of a maximum of £5 and is only available to customers who are brand new members. Despite this, the vast bulk of the website’s homepage does not include any information of any kind.

This is problematic for a number of different reasons. To begin, it is unclear precisely what kinds of bingo are available, despite the fact that we may reasonably assume that there is a significant amount of bingo taking place after the surface has been scratched. In addition, there isn’t a whole lot of information provided regarding where on the website you can learn specifics on the many kinds of bingo that are available; this isn’t very enlightening. Simply put, it is not that clear, and although we quite enjoy discovering things for ourselves, we are not the typical internet user who has about two seconds of patience whenever a new URL loads up. Despite the fact that we enjoy discovering things for ourselves, we are not the typical internet user.

Winners’ Lounge

Okay, so this is not a lounge at all; rather, it is a table displaying the most recent winners of various prizes. Unfortunately, this is the point at which the creators could have put on their thinking helmets and chosen to rank the winners in the order of the bingo game that they really won, or at the very least added some kind of reference to the kind of game that they were playing. The fact that neither chance has been taken advantage of indicates that we are, in fact, still in the dark.

In spite of this, there is a pretty arresting number at the very top of the page, and it is titled “Yesterday’s Total Winnings” (albeit without the apostrophe on Yesterday). When we examined the website, this amount was at £1,158,961.76, which is quite a substantial quantity by the standards of anybody, and as such is attractive when it comes to pulling you in to become engaged in the activity.

Bingo Blog

If you go to the top row of the menu (which is also where you will find the aforementioned ‘Winners’ item), you will see a part labeled ‘Blog.’ If you click on this area, you will be sent to a Blog that is just for this website. Sadly, this is not a lyrical writing piece describing the fervent devotion that people have for their bingo. This is not a humorous memoir of the most ludicrous bingo tales you’ve never heard before, nor is it intended to be.

Instead, it is just a series of blog pieces that have a fairly terrible structure and are related to new bargains, offers, stuff you may not know about, and new bingo room openings. It is instructive that the last change was made on April 11, 2015, since this would imply that this section of the website is now mostly useless. As a result, you have to wonder what the purpose of having this section of the website is. Because the postings themselves do not have any enticing elements, such as thumbnail photos or the like, we are surprised that anybody ever bothered to click on them in the first place.

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